Winning the Sales Race through Sales Coaching

the outset the difference between sales training and sales coaching
should be made clear. Sales training prepares sales professionals and
sales coaching attempts at preparing sales champions.

coaching is
a process in which an experienced sales trainer or coach gets
involved in the sales process of an organization not only within the
four walls of the training hall but also on the field. A sales coach
goes on to work with the sales team of an organization on the
remedies he has suggested. He gets on to the war zone leading from
the front. By demonstrating that what he preached in the training
room can be practical the sales coach inspires sales professionals of
an organization.

aim of a sales coach is to find out how far a sales person or a group
of sales persons is removed from where they should be and then bridge
that gap. A fresh recruit may need coaching on implementing perfectly
the things that he learnt during the sales
training sessions.
An executive may find that the going is getting tough after a few
months of working. The initial months may have gone fine but she may
find that her skills are not working as they did when she started
out. And an experienced sales person may find that he was very good
at notching up the numbers through referrals and repeat sales. But
when the organization underwent some structural changes and he was
supposed to make cold calls again to build a new prospect base, his
cold calling skills that were excellent a couple of years ago are
ineffective now. Getting used to easy sales through referrals and
repeat sales he finds the objections and rejection indigestible.
These types of sales problems can be handled by the sales coach on
one-on-one basis.

making cold calls to closing deals a sales coach may get involved in
the sales process providing vital insights and suggesting changes. He
will be present when you make cold calls, observing you, listening to
your conversation, and making notes of various points. He will
approve if your call quality was good and suggest you to continue in
the same manner or he may suggest improvement wherever necessary.
Whatever his suggestions, the end result should be generating more
appointments and opportunities for sales presentations.

sales coach is unobtrusive. The sales coach remains on the side line
much like Phil Jackson, the famous NBA coach, and feeds the players
with crucial hints and suggestion only during the time outs and
breaks. If you are going in the wrong direction during a cold call
the sales coach will not stop you, but let you proceed. Once the call
is over he will show you where you went wrong and how best you can
avoid the same mistake. A sales manager may try and interrupt to
salvage the situation, but not a sales coach. And a sales coach will
persist till you get it right.

plays a vital role in sales. Outside sales coaches do a fantastic job
as inside sales managers may face resistance and resentment from the
sales staff.

a sales manager cannot do a sales coach can achieve that for his easy
approach and acceptability by the coached.

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