Top 7 Dog Breeds: Get Home Your Companion

Dogs are considered to be a man’s best companion. And they are available in different forms. So from the widely available types of dog breeds you can choose upon the companion of your life.

The different types of dog breeds are:

1.Affenpinscher: This dog breed is very alert, friendly and intelligent. They are very easy to train and like all dogs they are very loyal. Unlike most of the pets, they are quite tolerant towards the other pets. They are 9-11.5 inches in height and weigh around 7-8 lbs. Generally they are available in black color, but are also available in tan and brown color. They have coarse and swirling fur. This dog breed a little extra exercising, so taking him on quick short walks at least three times a day is necessary.

2.American Bulldog: It is the most athletic and powerful dog of all the breeds. They have a sturdy bone frame and the muscles are also quite very strong. Because of this they are strong, alert, fearless and have great endurance. In this specie, the male and the female have distinct heights. The height of a general male is 22-28” and the female is 20-26”. Their weight also differs. A typical male weighs around 70-120 lbs and the female is 60-100 lbs. They are available in a wide range of colors, from white to brown, from tan to red. These dogs have good memory therefore can retain the training given to them. They can become very aggressive at times. They need to exercise properly to stay active.

3.Australian Shepherd: This is a breed of very loyal and alert dog. They are a little shy among the strangers. But they are very easy to train and are intelligent. The males are 20-23” inches long and weigh 50-65 lbs whereas the females are 18-21” and weigh 40-55 lbs. They come mostly in red, black colors with white marks. This breed of dog needs a lot of exercising.

4.Boxer: These dogs are very playful and fun loving. They are patient and friendly. They are the only types of dogs who can express their emotions through their twinkling eyes. They are even friendly towards the other animals. The males weigh around 65-80 lbs and are 22.5-25” tall. Their female counterparts are 50-65 lbs and are 21-23.3” tall. They are mostly available in fawn color. They need a rough exercising routine to stay fit.

5.Dalmation: They are most well behaved and polite of all the dogs. They are very sociable. This friendly breed of dog is born pure white but in the later stages of their life they develop black spots on their body. They weigh something between 40-60 lbs and are 19-23” tall.

6.German Shepherd: They are very noble in character and appearance. It is one of the most courageous dogs and have considerably good senses. The males are 24-26” tall whereas the females are 22-24”. Both of them weigh 75-95 lbs. They usually come in black or Grey color with some brown marks. They are a regular exercising lover.

7.Pomeranian: They are the tiniest but the bravest of the dogs. It is one of the excellent watchdogs. They are very easy to train and can retain everything that is taught to them. They are 3-7 lbs in weight and are 8-11” tall. These dogs are available in almost all tangible colors.

Knowing your type of dog, you can get home your companion now.

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