Helpful Overview of the Modern Patio Pet Door Produced by PetSafe

The PetSafe Patio Pet Door is designed to fit almost any sliding patio door, providing your dog or cat with untethered access to the great outdoors.

The deluxe Patio Pet Door by PetSafe is designed to be easily customizable to almost any sliding patio door. With its spring action tension, you should have a doggie (or kittie) door up and running in minutes. But, will it stay in place? Can it really be as simple as PetSafe says? For a helpful review of the product, read on.

Main Features

The main feature of the PetSafe Patio Pet Door is that it’s adjustable, allowing it to fit into almost any patio door system without the need for cutting or screwing. The next best advantage on this innovative product is that it’s lockable, with a reversible lock that you can place on the right or left. For added security, the deluxe version comes with a stronger, more durable lock. 

Last but not least, the PetSafe patio door comes with a lifetime warranty – protecting you against product failure.

Cost of the Product

The deluxe Patio Pet Door usually sells for just over $ 155. It’s more expensive than cut-in doors, especially if you’re doing the work yourself, but a great solution for renters or those on the move. Also, if you need to hire a contractor to install a permanent door, you could wind up paying a lot more.

Durability and Quality

Many homeowners complain about the low-quality sealant and weather stripping that comes with the PetSafe patio door. It’s simply not enough to hold the door in place or keep inclement weather out and your valuable heating or air conditioning in.

Most users recommend installing your own weather stripping for the space between your pet panel and the moving panel screen door. The added cost could save you a bundle on your heating or air conditioning bills.

Is it Easy to Install?

As long as your sliding patio door is no lower than 77 ¾” and no higher than 82″, you can pop the PetSafe patio door right into place. However, once you’ve got the door in vertically, you may have to do some minor adjusting to get the right sideways fit.

Be prepared to install your own weather stripping and sealant to make sure the door fits tightly and with a good seal. Next, have a drill and screwdriver on hand so you can screw the PetSafe patio door into place. That said, with all the work, it’s still an easy install and shouldn’t take more than half an hour to get into place.


Next to the weather stripping problem, the main issue most buyers have with this product is the gap around the pet door flap. Whether it’s letting in air or bugs and creatures, it can become a real issue. Try weighting the bottom or installing your own piece of heavy-duty plastic.


The PetSafe Deluxe Patio Pet Door is a great find if you want a temporary pet door solution. It goes in quickly and can be removed just as fast. However, for the price, the company should have included better weather stripping and adhesive.