Fear vs Panic!

I trust that all of you have had the
opportunity to read the phenomenal book “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway!” by
Susan Jeffers: if not, then you need to get your
hands on a copy today.

All of us have experienced fear at some
point in our lives.  What is interesting to me is the way we often confuse fear with the
feelings of panic. They are very different.

Recently, I saw the movie “Chasing Maverick” starring Gerard Butler. I had no idea, in advance, what this
movie was about. I was on a plane, travelling across the country, and it was
the lesser of all evils when it came to the movie choices we had.

It turned out to be a true story and a riveting one, at that. Gerard Butler played the role of
mentor and coach to a young boy who had aspirations of surfing some huge waves.
The story was compelling in that I found myself making comparisons to the
surfing (and life) lessons to that of the life of an entrepreneur.

Gerard Butler often reminded the young fellow about the difference between
fear and panic.As an entrepreneur, have you ever
felt fear? Fear of isolation, fear of being considered a fraud, fear of
charging what you’re worth, fear of success – and on-going, overwhelming and
constant state of fear.

As an entrepreneur, I happen to know that we also experience feelings of
panic when it comes to growing our business.We panic when bills are due and we don’t have the
money in the bank to pay them, we panic when we feel (sometimes) that we have
gotten in over our heads, we panic when opportunities are presented to us and
we feel unprepared, we panic as we get older and feel as though we are running
out of time, we panic when things break down – when people disappoint us – when
we face deadlines. It’s endless (or so it seems).

It all comes down to mindset. It’s the way we think about things that cause us to
feel fear or to feel panic. I have simple solutions for dealing with this. And
how do I know? Because I’ve been there!

Definition: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or
something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

We’ve all
read the acronym: “False Evidence Appearing Real” – that’s because, for the
most part, fear is something that we build up in our own minds. I do believe
that fear, when it comes to our world of entrepreneurship and growing a
business, is just a matter of ‘not knowing what you don’t know’ and therefore
acting in a vacuum. Of course you’re going to be afraid. That’s one of my
biggest frustrations as a business coach – and helping women to make money.
Most of you don’t know what you don’t know – AND you don’t make the investment
in yourselves and in your business so that you CAN know – and then you act out
of fear.

How do we
get past fear when it comes to getting clients and making money? Continuous
learning. Know that you can know. Others have gone before you – learn from
them. Stop compromising and settling for less, because of fear. Take charge
today – get the facts – learn from the best of the best – and get out there and
be of service.

Sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking

 I have
seen many a panic-stricken face in some of my clients – and it typically
happens when they are not prepared for certain situations. I’ve been there,
too, and that’s why and how I know it is strictly panic, and nothing more than
that. Panic comes when we over-complicate things, when we over-think things, when
we are not prepared, when we don’t have information on which to act wisely.
Panic is a very unhealthy emotion and feeling. Entrepreneurs panic when they
don’t take the time to stop and think things through – to access the
information they need at the time. Panic, like guilt, is a useless emotion.

How do we
deal with panic when it happens? Stop and control your self-talk. It often
begins there – with the way you speak to yourself. If you don’t control your
self-talk, it will control you – and can drive you into quite a state of panic.
Controlling your self-talk is a simple matter of shifting your thinking and
your inner dialogue. You can turn it around in a second. And breathe.

Listen – for the most part, the work we do is not life or death!  It IS important work – but it
is not life or death. So, get a grip on your emotions. Learn to recognize the
difference between fear and panic – and master some of the techniques for
shifting that thinking.

Successful entrepreneurs are continuously learning – and mastering some
critical thinking skills is essential to your survival as an entrepreneur. As a strong, confident, positive
business person, you will attract the ideal clients- handle any situation that
comes at you – and make lots of money so that you can make a difference in the

In the
movie, “Chasing Maverick’, the young surfer strengthened his mindset – and
mastered the surfing challenge of the maverick wave. He did this with the help
of his coach and mentor, Gerard Butler. Why are YOU trying to grow your
business on your own? We all need help. Get it – and get it today!

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but
rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.”

James Neil
Hollingworth (1933-1996) 

Where have you
let fear and panic hold you back in your business? What will you do different
the next time you face those emotions?