Chinchillas As Pets

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CHINCHILLAS You may wish to consider a chinchilla. They are inthe rodent family, (but it doesn’t seem that way).Chins have incredible velvety fir, and they resemblea chubby squirrel with micky mouse type ears. Theyare nocturnal, although they do get up and play alot during the day. Chins are very smart and playful,and I’m told can be trained. They are also very clean,so their cage area doesn’t tend to stink as many do. I got my first pair of chinchillas, as adults, aproven breeding pair. They were nice enough butthey never really did bond with us. We ended uphaving 3 litters total. They ususally have 1-3babies, and their pregnancy is 111 days(about 4 months), which is VERY long for ananimal that size. The babies come out fullyformed, “ready to go” you might say. Fullyfurred, eyes opened, running around. They caneven eat adult food almost from day 1, althoughthey prefer to nurse. Chinchillas eat prepared chin food that comesin a pellet form. They also need 1 raisin a day(which they LOVE!). Every few days it’s a goodidea to give them a dust bath, you can purchase”chinchilla dust” at a pet store. You put it ina bowl and they dive in, roll and kick up a fuss,a pure delight to watch. Company always love towatch “Ittle bittle” take her bath. The real joy for us came as we kept one of thebabies, we later sold mom and dad. She bondedreally well with us, she was handed a lot frombirth on. She has been one of the BEST pets I’veever had (of any kind of animal). She is playful,friendly, never bites, she “barks” its a quiet,cute kind of bark. A whole lot of personalityand character she is. Chins are more playful type pets, than a sit downand lap type animal. I would recommend getting ababy if you decide to get a chinchilla. Theyusually run about $ 100. in the US for a pet, butthat price can vary a lot. Another very nice quality about chins as pets,is they have no claws or fingernails. They havethese little soft pads on the bottom of their feet,so you don’t get scratched. I wouldn’t recommendthem with small children however, as young childrencould easily hurt a chinchilla. They have a life span of about 25-30 years.They do need to live indoors, or climate typecontrolled setting. Chins come in a variety ofcolors but the standard grey color is the mostcommon, and the other, more rare colors will costmore usually. I found when I was trying to sell the babies, thatmost people had no idea of what a chinchilla was,or had even seen them. That made it a bit difficultto find homes at times, although with such few babies,it wasn’t a problem. The people who did come topurchase the babies had this 1 thing in common: all of them had either owned a chinchilla previously,or had a close friend who did and had been around them.That really says something about this type of animal fora pet. You can check out your local pet store for chinspossibly, or the internet. By Valerie Garner-Get resources to get traffic to your website at nocost to you, plus some ideas for earning income. Mailto: box must be included in article for reprint permission)